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Latest Releases

The Duke I Came For

Neither of them is where they want to be. They are, however, where they need to be.

Into the Lyon of Fire

Being indebted to the Black Widow of Whitehall could be a catastrophe in the making—or a path to salvation.

About Abigail

Abigail Bridges loves hot scoundrels, feisty heroines, and detestable villains. She wrote her first historical romance, The Belle of the Ball, when she was thirteen. It was, of course, horrid. But it firmly established her love of all things Regency, a mild obsession with Georgette Heyer, and a determination to become a writer. After a master’s degree in English and years of being paid to write and edit other types of material, she has returned to her first love. She is busily binge-reading all her favorite authors, resuming her study of the history and culture of the Regency era, and plotting like a madwoman.

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More Books from Abigail

To Stop a Scoundrel

She wants to protect the innocent. He wants to regain his reputation. Will working together bring redemption—or ruin?

A Rogue Like You

He wants to save his betrothal. She wants to save her brother. But the bargain they strike to help each other could destroy them both.

Nothing But a Rake

He believes love is an unattainable goal. She is facing a marriage without it. But when their paths cross in a mud-drenched alley, both discover something neither thought possible—hope.

By the Rosemary Tree

Different lives. Different cultures. An insurmountable chasm. But an unconquerable love.